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SUB heralds BOOM time for Sonos

Sonos SUB wireless subwoofer


Sonos has announced an intriguing addition to its range of wireless multi-room products: a subwoofer. In line with Sonos' new naming convention, the product is simply called SUB.

The sub can work with any amplified Sonos product such as the PLAY:3, PLAY:5 (formerly known as the ZonePlayer S5), and the CONNECT AMP (formerly known as the ZP120). The sub receives the music from its partner wirelessly so no lengthy sub lead is required. As well as keeping things tidy, the wireless capability allows more flexibility when it comes to positioning (although, as with all active subs, the speaker needs to be plugged into the mains). It can even lie on its side, if need be.

Setting up is the usual trouble-free Sonos experience and the system configures things so the sub is perfectly matched with its companion.

The SUB's design is distinctive: a square 'O' shape with drive units on the inside of the hole, facing each other. The sub will initially be available in a high-gloss black finish (for £599). From October, it will also be available in matte black (£499).

So, if you'd like to add some bass weight to your wireless set-up, put the launch date of 19th June in your diary and contact us to join the Hi-Fi Stereo waiting list.

Date of article:09/06/2012

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