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B&W speakers: Mini Theatre; mighty sound

B&W MT60D Mini Theatre speakers


All good things must come to an end but, in the case of B&W's Mini Theatre speakers, they've evolved and improved instead. The popularity of B&W's satellite speakers and subwoofers is such that each model has been hogging awards for years. But, whilst a radical update isn't required, B&W hasn't been lazy when revising its classic products.

At first glance, the stylish new M-1 satellite speaker is similar to its predecessor. However, the matte black finish, larger grille and redesigned plinth indicate that this is indeed a new model. (A matte white option will also be available soon.) The M-1 includes new drive units and has adopted the anti-resonance plug developed for the high-end B&W PM1 speaker. The M-1 is now even more adept for stereo listening. However, most customers will be looking to use M-1s within a home cinema system and their capabilities allow them to be partnered with high-end subwoofers as well as more affordable models.

To support this versatility, the M-1 is available as a single speaker, so whether you're adding a centre channel speaker, desire a discreet stereo pair, wanting a surround-sound system, or adding speakers to an existing one, the M-1 fits the bill. Each £149 M-1 is supplied with a plinth and a wall bracket. The smart, optional M-1 floor stands (£199 per pair) are also revised and available in colours to match the M-1s they're attached to.

It's not just the satellite speakers and stands that B&W has enhanced; the highly acclaimed PV1 subwoofer has also been overhauled and is now a PV1D. The PV1D has new drive units, improved amplification and an OLED display, allowing for precise set-up and excellent integration with whatever speakers it's partnered with. PC software is also provided for more advanced customisation. As before, the symmetrical bubble design is striking and aids sound quality; the controlled sound is impressive.

B&W's compact ASW608 subwoofer continues but, again, will soon be available in a matte white finish. The ASW610 sub also continues.

As mentioned above, the speakers can be purchased in any combination but the most popular options are likely to be the MT-50 and MT-60D packages suggested by B&W. Both comprise five M-1s. The MT-50 features the ASW608 sub; the MT-60D includes the PV1D sub instead. Package costs are £1094 and £1945 respectively.

So, whether you're after a sub, some small speakers or a complete home cinema set-up, call in to Hi-Fi Stereo to view and hear the great options B&W has to offer.

Date of article:14/02/2012

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