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Yamaha YAS-101: cheapest surround sound of quality BAR none

Yamaha YAS-101 sound bar


If you'd like an improvement over your TV's speakers but don't have the space or budget for, say, an AV receiver and a 5.1 speaker pack, Yamaha has the answer with the YAS-101 sound bar.

For just £219.95, this extremely discreet sound bar incorporates surround-sound processing and provides a 7.1 effect via two 30-watt drive units. Additionally, a built-in 60-watt sub adds depth to the sound (but not to the sound bar's dimensions as two small drive units work together to provide the effect of one, larger unit). A sub out socket allows a second sub-woofer to be connected.

Yamaha's UniVolume technology delivers consistent volume so no more reaching for the volume control when the adverts kick in, which always seem to be louder than the actual programmes. A remote control is included, though.

The YAS-101 can be mounted on a wall and (for £40 more than the black version) is also available in Premium Silver.

With this sound bar in place, watching this Christmas' movies won't be a case of BAR humbug! Call in to Hi-Fi Stereo for yours.

Date of article:18/12/2011

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