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Audiolab M-DAC: CD player not included!

Audiolab M-DAC digital-to-analogue converter


High-quality DACs have made considerable impact in the last couple of years. First, the Cyrus XP d amplifiers incorporated premium digital-to-analogue converters. Then the stand-alone Arcam rDAC showed that stunning results are possible for a relatively modest outlay.

And now we have the Audiolab M-DAC - already an award winner, even though it's only just been launched. Given that the sensational Audiolab 8200CD CD player (also an award winner) is described (rather modestly) by Audiolab as a "DAC plus CD", it's perhaps no surprise that the firm has now launched a a high-quality DAC but without a CD player!

Various connection options are provided. Inputs include a USB socket plus two coaxial and two optical sockets. Outputs are also extensive, with coax, optical and standard phono sockets present. Also, like the 8200CD, balanced outputs are provided, too.

Another feature shared with the 8200CD is the provision of different sonic filters, allowing the character of the sound to be changed to suit your preferences. A choice of colours is available, too: black or silver.

The versatile Audiolab M-DAC is finished off with a headphone socket and a clear OLED display. A remote control is supplied. The M-DAC produces stunning results for £599.95 so reserve yours now at Hi-Fi Stereo.

Date of article:21/10/2011

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