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Awards glory for Pioneer AV receivers

Pioneer VSX-LX55 AV receiver


Pioneer's new line-up of AV receivers is full of strong performers and this is being reflected in the number of awards that the range is collecting.

Recently, Pioneer's VSX-921 (great value at just £399.99) picked up the award for EISA Home Theater Receiver 2011-2012.

And now, two of the other models in the range have also added to Pioneer's trophy cabinet. The VSX-LX55 (£999.99) is packed with technology, including seven HDMI inputs and two HDMI outputs, all conforming to the latest HDMI specification. iPods/iPhones/iPads can be plugged into the receiver but it also incorporates Apple's AirPlay, allowing music to be streamed to it wirelessly instead.

The THX-certified VSX-LX55 sounds terrific, be it reproducing the nuances of a stereo music track or using a 7.2 surround-sound setup to make you feel part of a movie.

Pioneer's top-of-the-range AV receiver is always a big seller for us and, although the SC-LX85 has only just been launched, we've already sold quite a few. It's no wonder that the LX85 has also won a What Hi-Fi award.

Some great free apps are available to partner Pioneer's receivers, including iControlAV2 - a comprehensive app that takes advantage of iPod/iPhone/iPad bells and whistles to provide a very slick and sophisticated remote control.

With strong build quality and smart looks complementing the great sound and faciilites, it's no wonder Pioneer's receivers have been bestowed with the honours they have. And we, at Hi-Fi Stereo, also think they're winners!

Date of article:21/10/2011

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