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Cyrus streaming products take music streaming to new heights

Cyrus Stream XP streamer/pre-amp and n-remote


Cyrus continually raises the bar when it comes to CD and amplifier performance. Somehow, the British firm manages to produce products that sound even better than the models they replace and superior to many products costing much more. And now, Cyrus has entered the streaming market with its range delivering far more detail and finesse than one would expect to hear from streaming units.

Three products are available (in either brushed black or quartz silver finishes). All support wired and Wi-Fi connections and have the TuneIn radio service built-in, providing access to over 30,000 radio stations. The units support formats sampled at 96kHz (CD files are sampled at 44.1kHz) and are supplied with Cyrus' sophisticated n-remote remote control.

Obviously, the n-remote allows control of Cyrus' streaming products (via radio waves - you don't need to point the remote at the streamer) and devices they're communicating with (e.g. NAS drive, iPod). It can also command other (current and discontinued) Cyrus products and, via the learning feature, other manufacturers' devices, too. It's a two-way unit - artist and track information can be displayed on the colour screen, as can artwork. The keys are backlit and the unit springs to life on sensing motion. A charging dock is included and new features can be added over time via software upgrades.

So, what about the streaming units themselves? The Cyrus Stream X (£1400) is a streamer for those wishing to use an existing DAC, such as the high-quality DACs found in Cyrus' excellent XP d amplifiers.

The Cyrus Stream XP (£2000) adds a DAC and pre-amp and can be partnered with Cyrus' fabulous PSX-R power supply to take the sound quality to an even higher level.

The £1600 Cyrus Streamline all-in-one solution incorporates a stereo power amp and is the obvious choice for introducing high-quality, streamed music to a room that doesn't have a hi-fi at the moment.

Some streaming products fail to offer quality reproduction. Cyrus, though, has produced some exceptional products to deliver no-compromise options for serious music lovers. So call in to Hi-Fi Stereo to hear how good streamed music can be.

Date of article:19/10/2011

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