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Sonos PLAY:3 makes wireless multi-room even cheaper

Sonos PLAY:3 ZonePlayer


Sonos ZonePlayers bring music into any room in the home and the new Sonos PLAY:3 ZonePlayer is the cheapest model to date. Costing just £259, the PLAY:3 includes three drive units (with separate amplifiers driving each one) plus a bass radiator.

The unit is available in white or black and, if two are used in the same room, they can be used as a stereo pair. With such compact dimensions, you'd be hard pushed to find a room the PLAY:3 couldn't fit in, especially as it can sit horizontally or vertically.

As with all Sonos products, the PLAY:3 can be controlled by a Sonos controller or by the free app for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Android devices.

Also available is the sleek Sonos S5 ZonePlayer (now called PLAY:5 but still just £349, despite containing five drive units, a headphone socket and a 3.5mm input).

Both models are in stock at Hi-Fi Stereo.

Date of article:01/10/2011

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