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Marantz 6004 separates tick all the boxes

Marantz PM6004 amplifier and CD6004 CD player


Marantz's PM6003 amplifier and CD6003 CD player have been tremendously popular, award-winning products, thanks to the combination of terrific sound quality, solid build quality and extensive features. And, of course, a very attractive price.

The new PM6004 amplifier and CD6004 CD player retain the modest (most recent) price of their predecessors but, somehow, Marantz has improved things sonically even further.

As before, the feature list is extensive. The PM6004 amplifier features speaker switching and has a power output of 45 watts per channel. A phono stage is included to connect to a record deck. The PM6004 may be an integrated amplifier but the pre- and power sections are now separate, improving sound quality over the previous model.

The CD6004 also has an abundance of features, including optical and coaxial outputs (as well as analogue phono connections, of course). The USB input is compatible with Apple devices and the fascia also includes a convenient headphone socket with volume control. Improvements include a new DAC, upgraded power supply, a new mechanism and a base that reduces vibrations.

With such a long list of features, great sound quality and a choice of finishes (black or silver-gold), it's difficult to think who these separates wouldn't suit. And they're now available at Hi-Fi Stereo for just £309.90 per item.

Date of article:01/10/2011

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