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B&W PM1 speakers: a feast for the ears AND eyes

B&W PM1 speaker


B&W has a habit of producing distinctive, stylish, great-sounding products (the Zeppelin Air being a prime example). The highly renowed speaker specialist has now launched another product that has the wow factor on both the cosmetic and sound fronts: the PM1 speaker.

The PM1 is a high-end, stand-mounting design benefitting from technology found in B&W's more expensive Nautilus and 800 Series Diamond ranges. However, it also features new characteristics, too.

As with the 800 Series Diamond range, the Nautilus tweeter has its own home, away from the other drive unit, allowing the cabinet to take on a shape that is not only visually striking but actually aids sound quality.

A new touch, though, is the way in which the tweeter is supported by a carbon brace, raising its reproduction capabilities to well above what a human can hear and improving sound quality in frequencies we can hear.

At first glance, the PM1's Kevlar bass/midrange driver appears to be like those on other B&W models but at the heart of the PM1's drive unit is a new plug, more appropriate for drive units employed for bass duties as well as midrange.

The speakers aren't fussy about positioning and, having the bass reflex port at the front allows them to be placed close to a rear wall. Even the port benefits from careful consideration, albeit it a design already in use, not only on other B&W ranges but golf balls, too! The port's dimples smooth the air flowing through it, reducing unwanted noise.

All drive units generate vibrations - that's how we hear the music. These can create a problem for some cabinets. The PM1's Mocha Gloss wood cabinet is reinforced through a matrix of interlocking panels within it. This structure helps the cabinet cope with the stresses placed upon it, again reducing undesired colouration of the sound.

To keep the cabinet's front baffle clean, the grilles are held in place using magnets (an increasingly common practice). The tweeters have their own grilles.

The speakers are finished off with a set of terminals that support bi-wiring.

A pair of B&W PM1 speakers costs £1995. Matching FS-PM1 stands are available for £400 per pair. These sensational speakers are now available at Hi-Fi Stereo.

Date of article:06/09/2011

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