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DALI Zensor 1 speakers: it's all in the detail

DALI Zensor 1 speaker


DALI's new Zensor 1 speakers are compact, high-quality speakers that are perfect partners for anything from budget mini systems to entry-level separates.

Build quality is excellent. The cabinets' front baffles have a modern, high-gloss finish (but smart grilles are provided). The handy keyhole socket at the rear of the cabinets makes wall mounting a simple job.

At just £179 per pair, the DALI Zensor 1 speakers are great value. They extract details from recordings that's unexpected for such affordable speakers. It's no wonder they've just been awarded five stars by What Hi-Fi. And we're sure they'll be just as popular with our customers.

Date of article:26/06/2011

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