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Sonos Controller for Android app now available

Sonos Controller for Android app phone screens


Even though Sonos produces its own remote control unit, the company has also offered a free app that allows users of iPhones/iPod touches/iPads to control Sonos systems.

And, now, users of Android smartphones have that same option with the new Sonos Controller for Android app. This free app allows users to access internet radio stations and find and play their favourite tracks (be they stored on their own computers or streamed from online music services). And then control which music plays in which rooms and at what volume.

The app includes a new search-by-voice feature - speak the name of the artist, album or track and the app finds it.

We've sold a very large quantity of Sonos products - they're easy to use and install, flexible and, crucially, sound great. And, now, the new Sonos Controller for Android app makes owning a Sonos wireless multi-room system even more affordable to Android smartphone users.

Date of article:01/05/2011

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