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B&W Zeppelin takes to the AIR!

B&W Zeppelin Air wireless iPod speaker system


B&W's Zeppelin iPod dock has been extremely popular due to its distinctive style and high quality playback. A successor has to be pretty special. And with the new B&W Zeppelin Air, the new model is just that.

No longer do you need to dock your iPod (although you can if you wish to charge it) - sound can be transferred from an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad over the airwaves using Apple's AirPlay feature. This allows the iPod, say, to remain in your hand to become a remote control for the Zeppelin Air (although a stylish one is supplied with the dock). Music from computers running iTunes can also be played back through the dock.

This convenience isn't the only upgrade to the Zeppelin, though. The drive units have been upgraded, as has the amplification and each of the drivers are now powered by their own amps. The digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) has been uprated, too.

iPods can be synchronised via the new Zeppelin - if B&W's latest is linked to your computer via a USB cable, tunes, contacts, apps, etc. will be synchronised without the iPhone, say, even being connected to the computer. The USB connection can also be used to play back music from a Mac or PC. Other devices can be plugged into the Zeppelin via the 3.5mm analogue/optical digital socket.

The one thing that hasn't changed is the Zeppelin's stylish looks.

Multiple Zeppelin Airs can be used in the same building to create a multi-room system. You can have different music playing in different rooms or the same tune playing on all Zeppelin Airs - ideal for parties.

The Zeppelin Air is compatible with all iPod touches and iPhones produced to date and many iPod classics and nano models.

It seems fitting that a product called the Zeppelin can now handle music transferred across the airwaves. And many of our customers obviously agree; even though the first batch of B&W Zeppelin Airs doesn't land until next week (the first week of March 2011), we have already received orders. To join our waiting list, please give us a call. It's £499 well spent.

Date of article:28/02/2011

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