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KEF T Series: full sound from flat speakers

KEF T105 home cinema speaker package


Over the years, we've sold a tremendous quantity of KEF home cinema speaker packages. The company's KHT speakers have led the field on many occasions, producing stylish speaker packages that sound more than respectable with movies and music. The company's latest home cinema range - the T Series - takes the market in a rare direction: flat.

With many customers having flat TVs, it's natural that some may wish to have flat speakers to match. In the past, speaker manufacturers have used NXT technology to deliver sound from flat panel speakers with mixed success but KEF's approach is different: replace the conical drive units with diaphragms.

The £1200 T105 speaker package consists of five nicely trimmed satellite speakers and a 250-watt active subwoofer. The £1700 T305 package uses taller/longer versions of the satellites. The extra height/width in the T305's satellites allows them to incorporate two ultra-low profile mid-range units, adding extra punch to soundtracks and music. A hybrid T205 system uses a combination of the different satellites. In each system, the T-2 subwoofer is employed, which, being physically shallow, compliments the satellites. All satellites are just 35mm deep, making them ideal contenders for wall mounting.

A wall bracket and a desk stand are supplied with each satellite. Don't want the speakers on walls or current furniture/shelves? That's okay - optional aluminium floor stands are also available (also finished in black). When mounted on walls, speakers tend to be boomier, sacrificing mid-range clarity. KEF's satellites automatically compensate for this but, if desk- or floor stands are used, KEF's Selecta-Mount system automatically switches the speakers to perform optimally away from walls. Clever stuff.

The speakers can be purchased individually but buying them in a 5.1 package works out cheaper. Of course, additional speakers can be added to convert a 5.1 system into, say, a 7.2 set-up.

The KEF T Series is a superb blend of style, flexibility and sound quality and, here at Hi-Fi Stereo, we're sure to be working FLAT out to meet customer demand!

Date of article:24/02/2011

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