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KEF Q Series speakers: to hear them, join the Q!

KEF Q Series speakers


KEF has launched the latest generation of its conventional speakers and it's sure to be in demand.

As always, at the heart of the speakers is a Uni-Q drive array - where the tweeter is mounted at the centre of the low/mid-range driver - but both tweeter and woofer have been improved. The drive units aren't fussy with positioning - sound is widely dispersed.

The cabinets are larger than most similarly priced speakers, aiding bass reproduction. They're available in English Cherry, Black Oak and European Walnut finishes. Bi-wire links are internal so making a speaker ready for two runs of cable is simply a case of rotating a dial.

The 'baby' of the new KEF Q Series is the Q100 - a £380 stand-mount speaker. A larger stand-mount model is the £450 Q300. Floorstanding options start with the £700 Q500.

The range is rounded off by some home cinema speakers - centre speaker options, the Q400b active subwoofer and the Q800ds dipole speakers.

The new KEF Q Series has already received 5-star reviews. To hear them at Hi-Fi Stereo, please form an orderly Q!

Date of article:24/02/2011

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