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Hi-Fi Stereo now stocks hi-fi racks by Hi-Fi Racks!

Hi-Fi Racks Podium equipment rack


At Hi-Fi Stereo, we've sold equipment racks for decades but we're pleased to announce that we now also stock supports by the family firm, Hi-Fi Racks.

Hi-fi furniture should not only provide a stand for equipment but allow the products to perform at their best and Hi-Fi Racks' award-winning, hand-made Podium range allows hi-fi to do just that.

Each shelf is made of 40mm-thick solid hardwood. Numerous size options are available including a double-width AV stand and a petite rack to provide a snug home for Cyrus equipment.

The racks are modular in that shelves are available individually and in a wide choice of height options. Each shelf is separated from the one below by spikes, minimising vibrations through the rack, therefore aiding sound quality. Spikes are available in black as well as steel.

Hi-Fi Racks' Podium range isn't limited to equipment racks; speaker stands are also available, as are storage racks for CDs, DVDs and LPs.

Visit Hi-Fi Stereo to see Hi-Fi Racks' hi-fi racks!

Date of article:22/01/2011

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