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Roksan Caspian M2 range: transformers TRANSFORM the sound

Roksan Caspian M2 CD player & amplifier


Roksan has updated its Caspian range to produce two terrific products - the M2 integrated amplifier and the M2 CD player.

The M2 amp features two power supplies (one transformer for the pre-amp section, one transformer for the power) and well-thought-out circuitry. Power output is 85 watts per channel.

Like the amplifier, the M2 CD player features multiple power supplies. Various analogue and digital outputs can be found on the rear. The player features a surprising amount of features not normally found on high-end products (e.g. various display options, 10-second intro play, etc.).

Both products cost £1595, include touch-screen remote controls and XLR connections as well as conventional phono sockets. The items are available in silver or black and built to Roksan's usual solid standards.

Both products have recently won What Hi-Fi? awards as being the best the best in their price category and, of course, make perfect partners.

Roksan's Caspian M2 amplifier and CD player are now available at Hi-Fi Stereo.

Date of article:14/11/2010

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