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Sonos Wireless Dock: hear an iPod throughout the home

Sonos Wireless Dock 100


For years, Sonos's fabulous wireless music system has allowed people to enjoy the tunes stored on their computers/drives or streamed over the internet. Sometimes, though, it's nice to access music without having a computer/NAS drive powered up. Or hear a tune stored on a friend's iPod without having a cable between the iPod and, say, a ZonePlayer.

The new Sonos Wireless Dock 100 provides these convenient functions.

As you'll tell from the name, the dock doesn't need to be placed alongside a ZonePlayer; it sends the music wirelessly to other ZonePlayers around the home/workplace. (It does, of course, need to be situated near a mains socket, though.) As you'd expect, the dock charges the iPod's battery.

An iPod placed in the dock can be controlled via the iPod itself or a Sonos controller.

The dock is compatible with all iPod touch and iPhone models produced to date and many iPod Classic and Nanos.

In addition to providing access to an iPod, the dock also acts as a ZoneBridge, extending the range of the Sonos network. (It doesn't have an Ethernet connection, though, and so cannot be attached to a router.)

The Sonos Wireless Dock 100 costs £99 and is available now at Hi-Fi Stereo.

Date of article:26/10/2010

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