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Arcam rCube: more than just an iPod dock

Arcam rCube portable iPod dock


Arcam has been on a roll lately. Recently, the British firm has launched the rDAC digital-to-analogue converter and the Solo Neo wireless music system, both of which have received fabulous reviews. As if these (and the irDock) weren't already spoiling lovers of digital music, Arcam has now developed the rCube - an iPod dock with built-in speakers.

Arcam has produced award-winning iPod docks before but this is much more than just a dock with speakers.

For starters, an iPod doesn't have to be in the top-mounted dock to play back tunes - by adding an optional dongle, the rCube can wirelessly connect with an iPod, iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, etc. A 3.5mm input allows other portable devices to be plugged in.

The rCube has a punchy sound but a system needn't be restricted to a single unit; rCubes located in, say, the same house can be linked together so that the same music is played through them all – ideal for parties.

The unit is large enough to accommodate decent amplification and speakers but small enough (20cm cubed) to be portable. The rCube's portability is aided by its convenient handle and the option of being powered by a lithium battery that can power the rCube for between 4 and 8 hours, depending on volume levels. (Mains power can also be used.)

As is typical for Arcam, build quality is exceptional. The rCube's top surface has a luxurious high-gloss finish and features touch-sensitive controls. Materials have been chosen carefully; the type of steel used in the rCube's construction prevents distortion at high volumes.

A remote control is included.

The Arcam rCube costs £500 and is available now from Hi-Fi Stereo.

Date of article:14/10/2010

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