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Arcam launches wireless Solo system

Arcam Solo Neo CD receiver


When Arcam launched the first Solo system, it instantly became one of our favourite products. Its combination of audiophile components and a stylish unit produced an award-winning system, offering separates-quality sound in a single, attractive unit.

This winning formula continues with its successor - the Arcam Solo Neo, which, as before, contains a CD player, tuner and amplifier. The original Solo's sophisticated-yet-simple styling remains but, for just £50 more (£1350), the Neo has even greater sound quality and some valuable new features.

The Solo Neo includes a USB socket (previously only available on the Solo Mini), allowing music to be played back from portable drives. As well as an FM tuner, previous Solo systems have offered DAB reception but the Neo goes one better and contains a DAB+ receiver, making the radio as future-proof as can be.

The most significant new addition, though, is the Neo's wireless networking capability, which provides access to thousands of internet radio stations and allows music stored on computers and NAS drives to be played back through the Solo.

As before, power output remains at 50 watts per channel and the clear display is easy to read. A remote control is included.

The Arcam Solo Neo is all set to continue Arcam's success at offering something for everyone: a stylish one-box system that sounds fantastic. And, with its new additions, its features are bang up to date, too.

Date of article:10/10/2010

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