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Audiolab 8200CD CD player: great sound and well connected

Audiolab 8200CD CD player and 8200A integrated amp


Audiolab's new 8200 series is off to a flying start with the sensational 8200CD CD player.

The 8200CD's great sound comes from a well-engineered digital-to-analogue converter that makes the most of CD recordings. It's not often a CD player has input sockets but the 8200CD has USB, optical and coaxial connections so that the DAC can be employed to improve the sound of other digital components. Still on the socketry front, as well as having conventional phono sockets, the player can output sound via balanced XLR connections.

The 8200CD includes four filters and switching between them changes the character of the reproduction (e.g. one offers a smoother sound, another offers a crisper one, etc.). The player will become even more versatile as further filters will be available in the future that can be transferred to the machine via the USB socket.

The player is solidly made and is nicely finished in black or silver.

Other products in the Audiolab 8200 series - including the 8200A integrated amplifier - will be available soon.

At £699.95, the Audiolab 8200CD CD player is ideal for anyone wanting a fantastic player in a full-width chassis. See and hear it now at Hi-Fi Stereo.

Date of article:10/10/2010

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