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Denon launches iPod-friendly receivers

Denon AVR-1911 AV receiver


The AV receiver market is a fast-moving one and, each year, attractive new features are added to the previous year's models or features previously only available on more expensive receivers are added to more affordable models.

Take Denon's range of receivers: each year, the last two digits change on the model numbers and, like Spinal Tap's amplifiers, they now go up to 11! So what does the new AVR-1911 have that the award-winning AVR-1910 didn't?

One enhancement is that the receiver's HDMI sockets comply with HDMI version 1.4a, allowing 3D material to pass through the receiver to a 3D-compatible screen. It also allows a suitable HDMI cable to carry signals in both directions - sound and vision can travel from the receiver to a TV; sound can also travel from the telly to the receiver.

The other enhancement is that a USB socket has been added to the front panel for convenient playback of music stored on portable music players. Like Denon's systems, the USB socket is compatible with iPods/iPhones so no external dock is required.

Despite the addition of these attractive features, the price remains at £449.99. Plus, a saving is made through not having to purchase an external iPod dock or a TV-to-receiver audio cable. See and hear the new Denon AVR-1911 receiver at Hi-Fi Stereo.

Date of article:05/09/2010

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