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Arcam rDAC: small unit, big improvement

Arcam rDAC digital-to-analogue converter


The Arcam rDAC is a digital-to-analogue converter, which takes a digital audio signal and produces a higher-quality alternative to what would be output by the source component.

The rDAC is a neat, little unit built to Arcam's usual high standards. USB, optical and coaxial inputs allow a variety of sources to be connected (computers, Sonos systems, CD players, tuners, TVs, etc.). Arcam promises an upgrade soon that will add wireless functionality to the unit. Conventional phono outputs send the sound to an amplifier.

The rDAC doesn't just provide a massive improvement when listening to music stored on a computer; the unit's audiophile components also improve the output of, say, mid-range CD players. So, invest in a £300 Arcam rDAC from Hi-Fi Stereo and hear the difference - YOU'LL be converted, too!

Date of article:07/08/2010

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