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Monitor Audio's Bronze BX speakers benefit from RX touches

Monitor Audio Bronze BX speakers


Monitor Audio's Bronze BR series produced some fine yet affordable speakers. The company has given the range a makeover and increased the standard again for entry-level speakers.

The Bronze BX range includes two bookshelf/standmount speakers: the BX1 - an ideal upgrade to the speakers that come with micro systems - and the BX2, which is bound to follow in the BR2's footsteps as a very popular model.

The BX5 is a slim, elegant floorstander, taking up a smaller footprint than most floorstanding speakers. With other models in the range including the BX Centre centre-channel speaker, the BXFX surround speaker and the BXW10 subwoofer, a home cinema package can be put together with ease.

The Bronze BX series inherits many of its design and technology touches from the more expensive Silver RX range. Each bass driver is held in place by a rod connecting it to the rear of the speaker, therefore minimising interference between the drivers and the cabinet. The cabinets have curved edges, giving them a very smart look for such affordable speakers. Also contributing to the high-class appearance are the grilles - they're magnetic and so no holes are required on the front of the speaker cabinets to accommodate them.

All the drive units are new designs and, to produce dynamic bass, the ports have been tweaked, too.

Finishes options are black oak, natural oak, rosemah and walnut.

The new Monitor Audio Bronze BX speakers are sure to be popular and are now available at Hi-Fi Stereo.

Date of article:07/08/2010

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