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Denon's new system has a lot of PLUS points

Denon D-M38DAB micro system


Denon's new D-M38DAB micro system takes the award-winning D-M37DAB system and adds some valuable extra features without adding to the cost (£329.99 including speakers).

As is always the case with Denon's systems, the sound quality is excellent. One of the most prominent enhancements is the upgrading of the USB input, which now allows an iPod or iPhone to be connected and the music played through the system without the need for a separate docking station. The socket also charges the iPod/iPhone and allows artist and track information to be relayed on the unit's display.

Another enhancement is the addition of a DAB+ tuner. Of course, you can take advantage of the system's DAB, FM and AM radio reception now but the abilty to decode DAB+ transmissions provides a level of future-proofing that most systems don't offer.

The SC-M37 speakers are as they were with the system's predecessor and are still a great match for the latest CD receiver - the RCD-M38.

Colour options are as before; the CD receiver is available in black or silver.

Denon's D-M38DAB system is bound to continue the company's hold on the inexpensive systems market and can be seen and heard at Hi-Fi Stereo now.

Date of article:22/07/2010

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