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ESSENTIAL turntable from Pro-Ject

Pro-Ject Essential turntable


When Pro-Ject launched the Debut turntable about a decade ago, it rejuvinated vinyl sales virtually single handedly. Through improvements and a poor (for us) exchange rate, the Debut has had quite a few price increases over the years and it's not quite as affordable as it used to be. The Debut is still a great record deck but Pro-Ject has now produced a more affordable option - the Essential.

The Pro-Ject Essential costs just £150 - less than every other turntable we sell - but is supplied with an Ortofon cartridge and a dust cover. The pulleys to control the speed are on the top so the platter doesn't need to be removed when switching between singles and albums.

Factor in Pro-Ject's build and sound quality and the deck represents great value for money. If you've vinyl to play but not much cash to spare, visit Hi-Fi Stereo and learn more about this ESSENTIAL purchase.

Date of article:08/05/2010

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