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ATC SIA2-150 amplifier: worth waiting for but now in stock!

ATC SIA2-150 stereo integrated amplifier


ATC is well known for its terrific speakers, in particular the SCM 11. What the company isn't as well known for is its range of amplifiers like the SIA2-150 integrated amp.

The SIA2-150 is hand-built in the UK and build quality is exceptional. As with ATC speakers, the amp comes with a six-year warranty, which is remarkable for an electronic product.

A remote control is included and the amp features a headphone jack. (Personally, we'd prefer the headphone socket to be on the front panel but having a jack round the back isn't uncommon for high-end amps.)

Sound quality is terrific and the SIA2-150 excels with all types of music. The amp is muscular, outputting 150 watts per channel, but not at the expense of detail and finesse.

As the ATC SIA-150 is in such demand and so few are made, we normally have a waiting list. However, we are pleased to announce that we now have stock of the amplifier - a product well worth waiting for.

Date of article:24/01/2010

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