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Sonos ZonePlayer S5: no wires required!

Sonos ZonePlayer S5


A Sonos® wireless multi-room system makes it really easy to have music playing in whatever rooms you like. Once a system is in place, adding music to a new room is simply a case of adding a ZonePlayer™ 120 and a pair of speakers.

A cheaper (£349) alternative is to purchase the new Sonos ZonePlayer S5, which is a ZonePlayer and speakers in one stylish unit.

Sound quality is fantastic - far better than what you'd expect from an all-in-one device. The secret behind the quality reproduction is five drive units (two tweeters, two mid-range units and a woofer), each powered by its own amplifier.

The unit can be controlled by any Sonos controller or via an iPhone or iPod touch that has the free Sonos controller application installed.

Quick changes to the volume (including muting), though, can be made via the handy controls on the top of the S5.

Unlike other ZonePlayers, the S5 features a headphone jack for private listening. The unit's quite portable, though, so, if you don't have headphones, you could always move the S5 to another room! Its portability makes it particularly handy for barbecues (although it needs to be plugged in to the mains and shouldn't, of course, be allowed to get wet).

Another nice touch is an input jack on the rear of the unit. Whilst music stored on your computer or accessed via the internet will be sent wirelessly to the S5, there may be occasions where you'd like to plug a device straight into it.

The Sonos ZonePlayer S5 has such great sound quality and is so easy to install and use, it's sure to be a success. At Hi-Fi Stereo, we're big fans of Sonos equipment and the S5 is another reason why.

Update on 11/06/2010: The Sonos ZonePlayer S5 is now available in black and has a nifty new function. Click here for more details.

Date of article:23/11/2009

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