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Monitor Audio Radius HD speakers: high def and high class

Monitor Audio Radius HD R90HD10 speaker package


We liked the Monitor Audio Radius series. It gave customers plenty of options, great looks and terrific sound quality. No wonder it won awards. Its successor - the Radius HD series - will no doubt be just as successful, if not more so.

The HD suffix indicates that the Radius series ticks all the boxes for modern consumers. The ultra-compact speakers can cope with the demands of high definition soundtracks and provide a touch of class to any listening room. Anyone who values style as much as performance will love the Radius HD range. As will anyone simply wanting to have really discreet speakers.

With so many speaker options to choose from in the range, it’s easy to find a speaker/pair of speakers/package to suit everyone but Monitor Audio has suggested some sensible packages that will suit most. The package that conforms to most people’s desires in a sub/sat setup is the R90HD10, which consists of two pairs of R90HD satellites, an R180HD centre channel and a 250-watt R370HD subwoofer.

For those that want more oomph in their front-channels, especially for music listening, the range includes some floorstanders. Remember what we said about the Radius HD speakers being discreet? Well, that still applies. When people think of floorstanding speakers, they usually think of large cabinets. That’s not the case here; the R270HD speakers are extremely slim and take up very little room. To see what we mean, view the last photo on our About us page. On the right-hand side, you'll see these elegant speakers (in a piano white gloss finish). Update: The About us photos have been updated since this article was written.

Colour options are plentiful. Gloss black, white and silver lacquer finishes are available for a contemporary look. For those looking to combine a modern design with a traditional finish, real wood veneers are also an option.

Most speakers in the range are supplied with wall brackets. However, they can also be mounted atop optional RHD floor stands. The stands are available in black, silver or white finishes. Their bases incorporate speaker terminals – internal cabling connects the terminals to the speakers – so there are no unsightly cables spoiling the look.

The Monitor Audio Radius HD series – speakers that are dinky, stylish and great-sounding. And, of course, available at Hi-Fi Stereo.

Date of article:17/10/2009

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