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Monitor Audio Silver RX speakers are pure GOLD

Monitor Audio Silver RX6 speakers


Monitor Audio has launched a new version of its highly acclaimed Silver series. The new RX speakers replace the successful Silver RS products.

Many aspects of the speakers are uprated. For example, the new range benefits from a revised tweeter and redesigned lower frequency drive units. All this effort has not been in vain; the speakers have a tighter, more controlled bass.

Options in the range include the RX1 stand-mount speaker and a superb floorstander in the form of the RX6. Larger stand-mount/floorstanding variants are available, as are a centre channel speaker, effects speakers and a subwoofer. A fantastic home cinema system can therefore be assembled that's incredibly competent with music, too.

All speakers are superbly made and the cabinets' rounded edges are a nice touch. A variety of real wood veneers are available, as are (at an additional cost) two new high gloss lacquer finishes - black and white.

The Monitor Audio Silver RX speakers sound as good as they look and they're now in stock at Hi-Fi Stereo.

Date of article:17/10/2009

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