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Denon D-F107DAB system fills a gap

Denon D-F107DAB mini system


The Denon D-M37DAB and Arcam Solo products are our best-selling all-in-one systems but there's quite a price difference between the two. With prices from £449.99, Denon's new D-F107DAB system fills the gap admirably.

The two-box system consists of a CD player and a receiver and both units have clear displays. The receiver includes FM and DAB reception and, having support for DAB+, offers more future-proofing than similar products. The system also has a front-mounted USB socket and a built-in phono stage, allowing a record deck to be plugged in without a separate pre-amp.

The system is available in black or silver. (Denon's optional speakers - the SC-F107 - are only available in black.)

Many customers are used to separates but wish to downsize their system or have something more modern. For those that can't stretch to the Arcam Solo Mini, the Denon D-F107DAB system is the perfect solution.

Date of article:13/09/2009

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