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Sonos adds a nice TOUCH to its controller

Sonos CR200 controller


The Sonos® controller for its wireless multi-room systems is a very slick product. It controls up to 32 zones scattered around the home (or workplace) and has a colour screen.

The last version of the controller had a logical combination of buttons and an iPod-style wheel. The screen on the new version of the controller - the CR200 - is touch-sensitive, making searching for certain artists, tracks or albums even easier and quicker. As the screen effectively doubles as a keypad, hardly any actual buttons are required and so the controller is now smaller and much lighter.

Despite the price remaining the same as it was for the previous model, a charging cradle is now included.

The CR200 is at the heart of the Sonos Bundle 250, which also consists of a ZonePlayer™ 90 and a ZonePlayer 120, previously part of the Bundle 150.

Adding touch sensitivity to the Sonos Controller - a nice touch indeed!

Date of article:09/08/2009

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