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Pioneer delivers a trio of new Blu-ray players

Pioneer BDP-LX52 Blu-ray player


To date, every Pioneer Blu-ray player has been a class leader so the company launching not one but three new players is big news.

The baby of the bunch is the sub-£300 BDP-120. The player supports 24 frames-per-second 1080p video and has the BD-LIVE profile, something which Pioneer has only previously had on its BDP-LX91, costing many times the price.

The next model in the range - the BDP-320 - adds support for DivX, MP3 and WMA files, produces an even finer picture and has processing to avoid lip-synch problems.

The Pioneer BDP-LX52 features further audio and asthetic refinements.

The new players are really easy to accommodate, ranging from between just 58mm and 83mm tall. Take a look at the picture above - the tallest of the three models is barely taller than the remote control is wide. Each of the models are finished in high-gloss black finishes, matching most modern televisions.

If you've purchased a high definition television but have yet to upgrade your disc spinner from a DVD player, call in to Hi-Fi Stereo - all of these players are now in stock.

Date of article:24/07/2009

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