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Yamaha revAMPS its product range

Yamaha PDX-30 dock, M-330 system and RX-V565


Yamaha has been busy lately; the company has many new products which have just hit the shelves.

One of the highlights is the PDX-30 - a stand-alone iPod dock in that it has its own 15-watts-per-channel amplifier and integral speakers. For £129.95, it's terrific value. Most basic iPod docks cost between £100 and £150 so, for this unit to have built-in amplification, speakers and a remote control, too, it really is a bargain. The PBX-30 is available in black, blue, grey and pink finishes.

Those who listen to other sources as well as an iPod should consider the Yamaha M-330 micro system. For just under £300, the system features a CD receiver and speakers. The receiver outputs 20-watts per channel and includes a DAB/FM radio. Portable devices are also catered for; not only does the M-330 include a USB port but an iPod dock on the top. The receiver is available in black or silver and the speakers sport distinctive grilles.

Yamaha has often been a frontrunner when it comes to surround sound processing and the new range will no doubt cement the company's reputation. Key models in the new line up include the RX-V565, RX-V765, and RX-V1065. Unusually for Yamaha, all include tuners. Each of these models can decode high definition audio, feature 4 HMDI inputs and can upscale video to 1080P. The RX-V765 also has an 8-channel input, the ability to supply music to a second room and a second subwoofer output. The RX-V1065 has a USB input, too. As you'd expect, power output increases as you go up the range but all are healthily powered and provide 7.1 amplification.

Yamaha continues to offer products that are relevant to modern consumers and offer good value. Call in to Hi-Fi Stereo to see and hear them.

Date of article:24/07/2009

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