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Sonos multi-room systems now available at Hi-Fi Stereo

Sonos BU150 Bundle


We are delighted to say that Sonos® wireless multi-room music systems are now available at Hi-Fi Stereo.

A Sonos system allows you to hear music stored on your computer (or network drive) anywhere in a Wi-Fi-enabled house. The choice of music isn't limited to what's stored on your computer, though - you can also listen to internet radio stations. And, by subscribing to Napster, you'll have access to all of the service's songs (and there are currently over 6 million tracks available). Existing music equipment isn't excluded either - you can connect, say, a CD player to the system and hear it all over the house.

The system is really flexible; products can be added and combined to suit your requirements. You can have your music played through existing hi-fis or have it played in rooms that don't have a hi-fi. You can have different music playing in each room and, when you have a party, have the same music playing in multiple rooms at the touch of a button. Queues (playlists) can be created so that you can select in advance what music you'd like to play in each room.

An alarm feature is included - wake up to your favourite music or internet radio station and have different alarm times for different rooms.

The system will support up to 32 rooms! The Sonos units are room friendly - they're dinky, stylish and so they're easy to accommodate and easy on the eye, too.

The units aren't the only things that are stylish. The Sonos controller is a nice device incorporating iPod-style controls and a 3.5-inch colour screen that can display album artwork. You can use it to select the music to listen to in each room and adjust each room's volume. The controller will control all rooms from whatever room you're in at the time. Other controllers can be added, though. A cradle is available that not only provides a nice home for the controller but charges it, too.

The controller's iPod-style interface isn't the only connection with Apple's popular music player. Download the free application for the iPhone or iPod touch and use that as a controller for your Sonos system! Sonos systems come with software so you can also use a computer to control your system, if you wish.

The Sonos Bundle 150 is a great start for most customers. The BU150 contains a ZonePlayer™ 90 (which sends music to an existing hi-fi), a ZonePlayer 120 (which contains a 55-watts-per-channel amplifier to provide music in a new room - just add speakers) and a controller. At £749, this award-winning package offers a great saving over purchasing the items individually.

We are really impressed with how discreet and sophisticated these products are, how easy they are to use, and the results. Call in to Hi-Fi Stereo to see and hear them in action and for us to advise you on what combination of products is right for you. We are really excited about these products and we're sure that you will be, too.

Date of article:03/06/2009

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