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Denon produces a turntable for the digital age

Denon DP-200USB turntable


The new Denon DP-200USB turntable is a record player that brings elderly technology bang up to date.

This record deck can be used as a standard turntable. However, it's the addition of 21st century touches that makes this record deck really stand out from the crowd.

Ever fancied transferring your record collection to your computer? This deck allows you to do that and it doesn't even need to be near your computer. Plug a USB drive into the convenient slot on the front of the BP-200USB, start playing your record, press Record and an MP3 version of your album or single is created on the drive. This can then be transferred to your PC.

The supplied software allows you to edit the recording and can automatically create track markers (or you can create them yourself). You can even download song titles from the internet.

You can also play the music back on compatible devices by plugging the USB drive into a product like Denon's D-M37DAB system.

The DP-200USB really is a turntable for everyone. It's available in black or silver. It also has a built-in pre-amp and so can be plugged into a system like the D-M37DAB without the expense of purchasing an external pre-amp. The turntable's pre-amp can be bypassed, though, allowing the deck to be connected to an amp that has its own pre-amp/turntable input.

The record deck is automatic and comes with a cartridge, stylus, dust cover and cables. At just under £200, it's incredible value.

Date of article:19/05/2009

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