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Cyrus XP amps deliver in a digital world

Cyrus 6 XP integrated amplifier


Cyrus' dominance of the high-end hi-fi market looks set to be further consolidated with the launch of the new XP amplifiers.

The new range consists of two integrated amps - the Cyrus 6 XP and the Cyrus 8 XP d - and the Pre XP d pre-amp. All the new models include displays and offer multi-source/multi-zone functionality. The key benefit, though, is the inclusion of a pre-amp section derived from Cyrus' highly acclaimed DAC XP, helping the amps deliver stunning sound quality.

The Cyrus 8 XP d and Pre XP d amplifiers include five digital inputs (including a USB socket) and a digital-to-analogue converter (DAC). These features can be added to the Cyrus 6 XP, either at the time of purchase or retrospectively.

Cyrus recognises that more and more people are wanting to listen to music stored on their computers and has also produced the Qx DAC card. This can be fitted to the d models to upsample sources connected via the digital inputs, further improving the sonics. Of course, for the ultimate in digital listening, these amps should be partnered by one of Cyrus' CD players or transports.

Another upgrade option for the 8 XP d and Pre XP d is adding a PSX-R power supply unit. The PSX-R enhances reproduction of the connected component even further. No wonder it's Cyrus' biggest-selling item ever.

The new amps are available in brushed black and quartz silver finishes. Prices start from £900.

Date of article:19/04/2009

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