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New NAD separates: no frills; all thrills

NAD C 545BEE CD player and C 326BEE amplifier


NAD has launched some fine new separates, including the C 545BEE CD player and the C 326BEE amplifier. Both units have clean, uncluttered fascias and gold-plated connectors. The CD player has a clear display that can be turned off, subtly improving sound quality.

Typically for NAD, the units don't have any gimmicks - it's the sonic ability of these products that makes them so attractive. They do, though, include some useful features: the CD player has optical and coaxial digital outputs and can play MP3 and WMA files; the amp pumps out 50 watts per channel, has tone controls and a handy 3.5mm input on the front panel for plugging in a portable media player. A remote control comes with each unit.

Back to the sound quality, though, and NAD's design touches and choice of components has produced two special-sounding products.

Of course, these units are available individually but also make natural partners.

The C 545BEE CD player costs £350 and the C 326BEE amplifier costs £325. NAD has traditionally been strong on CD players and amplifiers at this price point and these products will surely see that trend continue.

Date of article:23/03/2009

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