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Pioneer Blu-ray: high-end performance for entry-level price

Pioneer BDP-51FD Blu-ray player


To date, Pioneer's Blu-ray players have offered the best picture and sound reproduction for the money. That trend continues with the release of the BDP-51FD. This new marvel is almost as luxurious-looking as Pioneer's award-winning BDP-LX71 and produces output that's almost as breathtaking. For the BDP-51FD to offer similar performance to the £600 machine for less than £400 is astonishing.

Picture quality is incredible. Build quality is reassuringly solid yet stylish. Movie soundtracks are reproduced faithfully. DVDs look better than ever and CDs sound great, too. This player is a really accomplished all-rounder. We could go on but we're sure you get the picture. And what a fantastically sharp picture it has!

If you've yet to see how much a decent Blu-ray player can transform your home entertainment, visit Hi-Fi Stereo to see the Pioneer BDP-51FD in action.

Date of article:21/01/2009

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