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Eagerly awaited Roksan Kandy K2 products now available

Roksan Kandy K2 integrated amplifier


The new Roksan Kandy K2 amplifier has received rave reviews and even become What Hi-Fi's amp of the year, so we're delighted that it and the matching CD player are now available to buy.

The amplifier outputs a very healthy 125 watts per channel and includes a record deck input. These plus points would all be for nothing if the amp sounded poor but we're delighted to say that it and the CD player sound fabulous.

The Kandy K2 units are available in black or silver and have a mirror element to the fascia. Switch the units on and the mirrors become displays, showing track number, selected input, etc.

Both units are supplied with Roksan's flash new backlit remote control.

Build quality's top notch too - these units should provide many years of enjoyable music listening.

Date of article:26/11/2008

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