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Spendor launches the A-line speaker range

Spendor A5 speaker


It's been a busy year for Spendor: the British speaker specialist has given us the S3/5R compact (and competent) monitors and produced the striking SA-1 stand-mount speakers (see below). Now, Spendor has delivered the new A-line.

The A-line replaces the more affordable speakers of the S series. The new range consists of two floorstanding models, a matching centre channel speaker and a wall-mounted model. The smaller of the floorstanders is the A5, which is bound to take over from the Spendor S5e as the first choice floorstander for those wanting refinement and power.

For a floorstanding speaker, the Spendor A5 is compact and has a small footprint (but is heavy enough not to be toppled over accidentally). There is nothing small about the sound, though: the A5's active and passive drive units deliver plenty of bass but never at the expense of precision and detail. The speakers are discreetly ported at the rear, contributing to a very controlled low-end. Power handling is exceptional, too, allowing the speakers to be comfortably partnered with muscular amps.

Decent drive units can't do the job on their own, though, and the A5s incorporate substantial terminals, high-quality crossover units and silver-plated internal cabling. The solid cabinets holding this lot together are fine pieces of furniture and are available in a number of natural veneer finishes: light oak, cherry, black ash and wenge.

A pair of Spendor A5 speakers costs £1,495.

For those with a smaller listening room but on a similar budget (or after a pair of speakers that are visually very striking), Spendor offers the SA-1 speakers. These beautiful stand-mount speakers are available in three finishes, which are distinctive but shouldn't clash with furniture in most listening rooms. As you'd expect, these speakers don't just look good - they sound fantastic, too.

A pair of Spendor SA-1 speakers costs £1,100 and matching stands are available at £400 per pair. The stands help the SA-1s deliver the goods sonically and also provide a perfect aesthetic match - the stands' front inlays are available in the same three finishes as the speakers (zebrano hi-gloss, black piano lacquer and wenge deep satin).

Spendor continues to offer a variety of high quality speaker options. If you have high-end electronics, visit Hi-Fi Stereo to see and hear which Spendor speakers will complement your system.

Spendor SA-1 speakers

Date of article:30/10/2008

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