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Pioneer's second-generation Blu-ray player sets new standard

Pioneer BDP-LX71 Blu-ray player


Pioneer has just launched its second-generation Blu-ray players. The key model in the new range is the BDP-LX71. Building upon the standard-setting BDP-LX70A, the new model conforms to the Blu-ray profile 1.1 (or Bonus View) specification, meaning that nifty interactive features available on some discs can be enjoyed.

Despite being more advanced than previous Pioneer players, the BDP-LX71 costs much less at just £599.99.

Anyone who owns a Pioneer plasma or other high-end Pioneer product will be familiar with the gorgeous black styling. Gold-plated terminals and an aluminium front fascia contribute to the high performance and high style.

The player upscales DVDs and will act as a decent CD player, too.

The machine outputs high-definition surround-sound formats such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio via its HDMI output as well, of course, as providing high-def 1080p visuals running at 24 frames per second. The picture has to be seen to be believed, especially on a Pioneer plasma screen.

The Pioneer BDP-LX71 is bound to take over from the company's previous model as the best Blu-ray player available. If you've so far been watching films on a DVD player, come and see what your HD screen is really capable of.

Date of article:11/10/2008

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