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PURE leads the way again with a new direction for radio

PURE EVOKE Flow radio


About 8 years ago, PURE (then known as VideoLogic) produced a DAB hi-fi tuner that was far more affordable than any other DAB tuner on the market. The company's product (and subsequent models) encouraged the masses to adopt the wonderful new radio format.

A couple of years later, PURE created the EVOKE-1 - a compact, stylish DAB tuner that was the first to cost less than £100. The impact this little product had on the market can't be exaggerated. Remember how the demand for Nintendo Wiis was far greater than the supply? Or how women queued outside Boots for that anti-wrinkle cream that actually worked?! Well, the EVOKE-1 created a demand like that; radios we ordered in August arrived in December!

Well, now PURE has created another exciting product that takes radio in a new direction. The PURE EVOKE Flow is a portable radio that can not only receive FM and DAB transmissions but internet radio too. It can even play tunes held on your computer. (A Wi-Fi connection is required to receive internet radio and access music stored on a computer.)

The Flow's style is very sharp; the gorgeous black finish is complemented by touch-sensitive buttons and a large, clear display.

The radio is a truly portable product and PURE offers an optional chargeable battery which provides up to 24 hours’ listening on a single charge. And if you're in a Wi-Fi hotspot, well, the radio comes into its own, picking up broadcasts originating from all over the planet and allowing you to listen to podcasts of your favourite shows.

The radio also includes an alarm, a USB socket, a headphone jack and an auxiliary input so that another device can be played through the Flow's speaker.

At £149.99, the Flow is remarkable value so why not go with the Flow?!

Date of article:04/10/2008

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