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Denon launches a class-leading AV receiver

Denon AVR-1909 AV receiver


Denon has a fine pedigree when it comes to surround sound receivers and the company’s latest offering is a cracker.

At £449.99, the AVR-1909 is at the most popular price point for surround-sound receivers. Given how quickly we’ve sold our first batch, it’s the most popular receiver at the most popular price point!

As well as doing a sensational job at involving you in a movie, the amp is also a fine performer when it comes to music playback too; for those wanting a great-value product offering the best of both worlds, the AVR-1909 fits the bill perfectly.

The amplifier pumps out 90 watts per channel, of which there are seven (as well as a subwoofer output). The surround sound processor decodes the latest high-definition formats found on Blu-ray discs such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. Other features include a radio and automatic set-up - the amplifier sets the output level of each speaker so that it’s perfect for your room and listening position.

As well as improving the sound of your system, the AVR-1909 can also improve the picture! The receiver converts picture information routed through it and (unlike other products at this price) converts it to the high definition 1080p format. Three HMDI inputs and one HDMI output allow the receiver to be used as a switching box for those whose telly only features, say, one HDMI input.

The unit also features a port to take full advantage of the features offered by Denon’s iPod docking stations, such as the new ASD-11R.

With the specification on offer, a remote control for this unit could’ve been a slab full of identical buttons but the one supplied has been thoughtfully designed.

The Denon AVR-1909 is one of the more attractive AV receivers on the market and is available in the black finish shown above or silver.

Date of article:01/09/2008

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