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Onkyo's new mini system has a touch of class

Onkyo CS-525 mini system


Onkyo has just launched the CS-525 system, which replaces the very popular CS-515 model. As before, the system consists of a CD receiver and speakers. The receiver is supplied with a remote control and its radio can receive DAB, FM and AM stations.

In line with current trends, the CD receiver is available in black, as you can see from the above photo. A silver finish is also available.

The speakers are only available in black but the gloss finish is beautiful – especially for such an affordable product – and would add a touch of class to any lounge or dining room. The bass reflex ports are located at the front of the speakers, allowing them to be placed close to a rear wall without exaggerating the bass. The speakers are also magnetically shielded and so can be placed near a conventional television without affecting the TV’s colours.

A handy USB socket is located on the receiver’s fascia, allowing easy access to music stored on mobile devices. Onkyo’s iPod dock can connect to sockets at the rear, allowing the receiver’s remote control to control the iPod.

At £320, the CS-525 is £20 more than the system it replaces but it more than adds that in value. Visit us soon for a demo.

Date of article:21/07/2008

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