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Denon launches a new micro system

Denon D-M37DAB micro system


We didn’t recommend mini or micro systems until Denon started producing them. Before then, we would always encourage customers to listen to separates. Denon, though, introduced small systems that were a viable option for those wanting great sound and build quality from an inexpensive, compact unit. Not surprisingly, their systems have won many awards.

Sure to be another winner is the new D-M37DAB system. At just under £300 including speakers, it’s more affordable than the model it replaces, even though it has more power (30 watts per channel) and some new features.

The CD receiver has handy 3.5mm and USB inputs on the front panel for connecting portable devices. (The connector for Denon’s iPod dock [available separately] is around the back, along with decent terminals for the speaker cable.)

The system includes an alarm so, if you’re after a compact system for the bedroom, you can wake up to your favourite radio station. The system can receive FM and AM signals but most listening is bound to be via the DAB tuner that utilizes components from the award-winning TU-1800DAB radio. And the radio isn’t the only element that benefits from technology developed for more expensive items; the speakers incorporate elements from Denon’s high-end CX series. Also included is a remote control.

The CD receiver is available in silver but, as you can see from the photo, black is now an option too. (The speakers are only available in black but, if you’d prefer a different finish, the main unit can be purchased on its own and you can choose speakers to match your home from the many other brands that we stock.) The speakers are nice and slim and look great with the grilles on or off. The CD receiver isn't as deep as the D-M35DAB's unit and so it's easier to find a home for.

In the D-M37DAB, Denon has come up with yet another great-value, great-looking and great-sounding system.

Date of article:02/07/2008

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