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Cyrus reinvents the CD player

Cyrus SE CD Player


Remember when CDs were invented? There was no World Wide Web and we weren't getting swollen thumbs from texting on mobile phones. Yes, things have certainly moved on since we were wowed listening to Dire Straits' Brothers in Arms on the shiny new discs. The CD player, though, has remained largely untouched since.

Until now.

CD manufacturers rely on easily available laser mechanisms (each one being a package, consisting of motors, control software and, of course, a laser). The mechanisms are inexpensive but haven’t been designed with high-quality audio reproduction in mind. (The excellent sound quality of former Cyrus units has largely been achieved through sophisticated data processing and power supplies.) The laser mechanisms are complex, though, making redesigning them a daunting task. Well, Cyrus has done it, developing its own CD engine.

The British firm calls this Servo Evolution, hence the SE tag on its new range of CD players. It’s more like a revolution.

The reproduction quality achieved by the new range of players is astonishing. Usually, a new product is a subtle improvement over its predecessor. We, though, have compared the new Cyrus CD 8 SE against our last CD 8 x (which we loved) and there's a greater sense of realism with better separation and improved detail. The new mechanism is quiet and smooth, and the absence of a tray makes the buttons more accessible.

As Cyrus fans will know, we’ve been waiting for these players for a few months; Cyrus didn’t want to release them until the results matched the high aims the company set for itself. Call in to hear why the delay was worth the wait.

Prices for the new models are £800 for the CD 6 SE and £1,100 for the CD 8 SE. A CD Xt SE transport is also available for partnering with a digital-to-analogue converter. The units are available in Brushed Black or Quartz Silver.

Date of article:28/06/2008

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