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KEF updates its classic surround sound package

KEF KHT2005.3 speaker package


About eight years ago, KEF introduced a surround sound speaker system - the KHT2005 - consisting of a subwoofer and five smaller speakers. It wasn't the first of its kind but it was the first that did its job well. Not only was the system great for movies, it was terrific for music too and so was the first credible alternative to conventional speakers.

The success of the system prompted other manufacturers to produce similar packages and some have also succeeded in producing systems that are not only discreet and stylish but sound great too. At one point, KEF set the pace with its 2005.2 version and now it looks like reclaiming its mid-price crown again with the predictably named 2005.3.

The powered subwoofer can pump out 200 watts through a side-firing driver. As always for KEF, each of the satellite speakers feature a Uni-Q drive array (a tweeter within a lower-frequency driver). Sonically, this arrangement works well and it also helps keep the size of the speaker down.

The speakers are fitted with decent terminals so good cable can be used to take advantage of the system's potential. The supplied plinths can be used to stand the satellite speakers upright on flat surfaces or mount the speakers to walls. The plinth's cable management feature - i.e. a hole! - allows the speaker cable to be hidden from view. Discreet stands are available as an optional extra and, like the plinths, can hide the cables.

A matt silver finish is available but the most popular colour option is bound to be the classy high gloss black that perfectly matches modern televisions.

At £700, the KHT2005.3 costs £100 less than its predecessors did but it's another perfect blend of style and performance from KEF.

Date of article:06/06/2008

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