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Arcam FMJ CD player for just £500

Arcam FMJ CD17 CD player


In the last ten years or so, Arcam CD players have dominanted the mid-price arena, winning numerous awards and selling really well for us. A player that replaces the DiVA CD73 has to be worthy of maintaining Arcam's form.

To ensure Arcam's continued success, the British firm has launched a player under the FMJ banner for just £500. For a player that incorporates high quality components and sound-improving design elements associated with the FMJ range, it's a bargain.

As with previous Arcam CD players, Where a CD contains CD Text, this latest machine will display the artist name along with album and track titles.

Connection options are plentiful: in addition to two pairs of analogue outputs, the FMJ CD17 sports optical and coaxial digital outputs. All sockets are gold plated.

The player is available in silver or black and comes with a remote control.

The CD17 should not only delight with its sound quality but its reliability too; the laser is covered by a two-year warranty and other parts are guaranteed for five years.

Date of article:06/06/2008

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