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All-conquering Onkyo receivers are now even better

Onkyo TX-SR606 AV recevier


Onkyo's recent AV receivers have been terrific value and, consequently, hugely successful. The inclusion of decoders for the high definition surround-sound formats on receivers costing from just £400 was surprising for such affordable amps. What was not surprising was that Onkyo then won loads of awards for its keenly priced products.

Sure to be the top seller in the revised range is the TX-SR606. Like the model it replaces (the TX-SR605), it will decode Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio (as well as the more traditional Dolby/DTS formats) recevied from, say, a Blu-ray player via its HDMI sockets. And it's not short of those: the receiver has four HDMI inputs and one output, making it a perfect hub for connecting multiple devices to a television that has just a single HDMI input.

And that's not the only reason to route your video signals through the receiver: the TX-SR606 will upscale video signals (sent to it via HDMI or otherwise) to 1080i, making the picture sharper than if it was sent directly to the television from, say, an old DVD player. (1080p signals will remain as such.)

The amp pumps out 140 watts per channel (of which there are seven, plus a subwoofer output). In addition to the amplification, the TX-SR606 also features an FM RDS/AM radio. Banana plugs can be used on all speaker sockets and there are plenty of those, too. Not only can the receiver power a pair of speakers in another room, it can play something different in that room so you could, say, have a movie playing in the lounge and the radio playing in the dining room - all from the same receiver.

Of course, all these features would be pretty worthless if the sound quality was poor but, that's certainly not the case: Onkyo has tweaked the highly acclaimed audio circuitry, making music and movies even more involving than they were before. At £400, this sophisticated model - available in black or silver - is sure to be another winner for Onkyo.

Date of article:30/05/2008

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