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Arcam adds a Mini to the Solo range

Arcam Solo Mini CD receiver


Arcam's Solo range has been phenomenally successful. Somehow, the British company has managed to squeeze audiophile components into small boxes and it's pulled off another impressive feat by cramming a CD player, DAB/FM radio and amplifier into Arcam's smallest chasis yet.

The differences to the other Solos don't stop with the narrow width. The Mini features a slot-loading CD player and has buttons on the top of the unit instead of the fascia. A USB socket allows playback of music files stored on USB devices.

The Solo Mini can hold its own (very well) as a main system but its size helps it slot into any dining room. An alarm feature helps it be of even more use in the bedroom.

The unit is supplied with a remote control and power output is 25 watts per channel.

iPod owners will pleased to hear that the best iPod dock around, Arcam's rDock, is compatible with the Solo Mini sending high-quality music to the system and displaying track information on the unit's crystal-clear display.

We really like this product and, at £650, we've already sold quite a few. Arcam have come up with another modern classic.

Date of article:30/05/2008

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